The Assessment of the of E-waste Management Generated from the Cellular Phones, and Laptops/ Personal Computers in the Philippines


This study focuses on the management of e-waste generated by the disposal of personal computers, laptops, and mobile phones because of the extraordinary growth in the use of these products over the past few years by the Filipino population. The aim was to explore the current methods of disposal of the aforementioned gadgets and to gather a baseline data in terms of the disposal methods of these three electronic gadgets within the geographical boundary of Metro Manila and the suburbs of Manila, Philippines.An attempt was also made to find the level of awareness of the respondents about the hazards of e-waste. The Filipino population largely stores three electronic gadgets; namely cellular phones, laptops, and personal computers once the models become old and obsolete. The other most popular disposal method is selling the gadgets to junk shops. Very low percentage of people actually recycled their products. Sixty-nine percent of the respondents did admit that they were actually concerned about the impact of improper disposal of e-waste on human health and environment.  Read More