Manila Journal of Science 10 (2017), pp. 65-74

A Study of Knowledge, Attitude, and Practices Regarding Malaria Among Inhabitants of Ezinihite Local Government Area, Imo State, Eastern Nigeria


Accurate knowledge, attitudes, and practices of the individuals of a community remain vital to effective malaria control. The study assessed the knowledge, attitudes, and practices regarding malaria among respondents in selected communities of Ezinihite L.G.A. of Imo State using structured questionnaires. Four communities in Ezinihite L.G.A with indigenous malaria cases were randomly selected. All the household heads were visited prior to the study. A total of 443 respondents from the four communities participated. Sociodemographic data showed that the respondents were of different age groups and educational, marital, and occupational status. The Knowledge, Attitude, and Practices (KAP) studies regarding the infection showed that there was a high level of knowledge on the causative agent of malaria (65.01%). Many respondents resorted to self-medication (42.0%). On different symptoms of malaria, 65.68% reported fever as a major symptom of malaria. Regarding treatment, a good number (55.08%) visited patent drug stores for treatment of malaria. A few of the respondents (37.47%) used mosquito treated nets. Data obtained were analyzed using SPSS version 16.0. The knowledge, attitudes, and practices of respondents in this study about malaria were moderate but in general need to be improved upon with proper educational programs.

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