Inventory of Locally Traded Stony Corals (Phylum Cnidaria, Order Scleractinia) in the Cartimar Shopping Center, Pasay City


The Philippines is known for its high marine BIODIVERSITY and for the high risk to that diversity. Of the human activities implicated in the degradation of coral reefs, collection of organisms for the aquarium trade is probably the most controversial. As a first step in determining the local impact of this trade and how, if possible, it can be managed, this paper presents an inventory of the corals being sold in Cartimar Shopping Center, the center of the pet trade in Metro Manila. A total of 29 species in nine families were found, with pocilloporids and Acropora being the best-selling. Euphyliids and gonioporids were also common in the shops, probably because these corals survive well in tanks. Read More