Antimicrobial Compounds from Spondias purpurea


The dichloromethane, ethyl acetate, ethanol and water extracts of the freeze-dried bark of Spondias purpurea were tested for antimicrobial activities against seven microorganisms. Results of the study indicated that all the extracts at 30 µg have low antimicrobial activities against E. Coli, P. aeruginosa and T. mentagrophytes. The water and ethanol extracts showed low activity against C. Albicans, while the ethyl acetate extract gave low activity against A. niger. All the extracts were inactive against S. Aureus and B. subtilis. The dichloromethane extract was fractionated by silica gel chromatography. It afforded 1, 2 and a mixture of hydrocarbons. Compounds 1 and 2 were identified by comparison of their H NMR spectral data with those of lutein and sistosterol, respectively. Sitosterol and the mixture of hydrocarbons were tested against the same microorganisms. Result of the study indicated that both compounds had low activity against E. Coli and P. aeruginosa at 30 µg and inactive against S. Aureus, B. subtilis, T. mentagrophytes and A. niger. Sitosterol gave low activity against C. albicans.

Antimicrobial Compounds from Spondias purpurea (154.7 KiB)