An Antimicrobial Alkaloid from Catharanthus roseus


The chloroform extracts of the air-dried leaves of Catharanthus roseus Linn. afforded perivine (1). The structure of 1 was elucidated by 10 and 20 NMR, UVand FT-IR spectroscopy and mass spectrometry. Results of the antimicrobial tests on 1 showed that at a concentration of 20 mg, 1 is active against Pseudomonas aerugenosa, Bacillus subtilis, Candida albicans and T. mentagrophytes. It was found inactive against Aspergillus niger, Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus.

An Antimicrobial Alkaloid From Catharanthus Roseus (1.0 MiB)